History of Niroo Tahvieh Alborz

Niroo Tahvieh Alborz was founded in 1995 aiming to design, engineering and manufacturing Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Systems (HAVC). This company equipped with the most advanced fully automatic machinery is located in an area of 70000 square meters in the industrial town of Alborz. With the help and blessings from God and relying on its intellectual and constant efforts of management and experienced and elite workforce and by considering its manufacturers' facilities (hardware & software resources), this company has progressed and can be named as the most credible companies in the field of providing heating and cooling system for agricultural industry, livestock, greenhouse, and industrial halls in Iran and other countries.


Engineering and manufacturing of heating, ventilation and air-Conditioning Systems

In 2003, by considering the importance of fuel-saving, this company were concentrated on the manufacturing technology to produce the special type of heating equipment called jet heater. It’s a great solution and equipment for industrial halls, greenhouses and poultry. Relying on its consistent effort and in accordance with operation license No. 127/489, dated 08/05/2004, Ministry of Industries and Mines of Qazvin Province, this company has succeeded in mass production this product across the country and the region.


Export heating and cooling equipment

Niroo Tahvieh Alborz Company has been established since 1995 and serves as manufacturer of heating and cooling equipment, and after two decades of continuous activity (since 2011), based on national production, national pride and create new branches in the field of HVAC systems, this company has been extended its activity and maintaining a percent of the whole export of the middle east such as UAE, Qatar, Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan and Commonwealth of Nations such as Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and India, and in a step further export to some European countries.
These products are considered part of infrastructure and heating and cooling requirements in different areas of HVAC industry. By considering a long history of creating heating and cooling equipment in Iran industrial equipment manufacturers association, this company hopes that the basic step has been taken in the progress of the industrial community of the country and to be recognized as an integral part of the industrial community. Applying high quality manufactured products according to international standards, reasonable prices and competitive services, this company can be named as one of the successful company. Relying on its knowledge-based and commitment to honesty and its guiding principle of right action, experienced and elite workforce, this company hope to produce high-quality products to be competitive in international markets. The company has officially launched its web site www.ntalborz.com in order to coordinate with credible markets and examine the ease of purchasing customers, and has expanded its market to local and world, and working on research and engineering constantly to provide the information (best quality products and easy access) that the customers needed in Iran and across the world.


Production of evaporative air cooler

Due to the rapid growth of the industry in the production of cooling systems and intensive competition in this industry as well as the new and diverse needs of consumers, this company has adopted its strategy to produce the evaporative air coolers and acting in line with the slogan of national production, national honor for high tech parts and equipment.
Niroo Tahvieh Alborz Company has opened a new production line in the industrial town of Alborz with the most advanced fully automatic machinery is located in an area of 50000 square meters, Iran, and launched a new product called evaporative air cooler with a brand of NTA according to the latest international & national reputable of the standards and also provide laboratory with the most advanced equipment in order to carry out advanced test and measure all physical variables.


Manufacturing Cooling Pads - Cellulose Cooling Pad

This activity was now in the home appliance, poultry industry, agriculture, and footwear industry in the endless field of quality and could have a large share of the market inside and outside. Niroo Tahvieh Alborz Company became operational in 2016 aiming to investigate and constant effort of opening a new production line of cooling pad as a suitable replacement for swamp cooler pad. In 2017, this company has received the first operation license in Iran and serve as manufacturer of cooling pad. This activity includes home appliance, poultry industry, agriculture, and HVAC and has been producing wide range of products for in house and foreign market.