After Sales Service

We have over 20 years’ experience in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry (HVAC) and responsible for all services and product parts supply requirement using knowledge of Professional expertise.

The context of after sales department activities:
- Ensuring the quality of a service or product and operates safely
- Providing excellent Customer Service
- Providing pre-sales support for extreme partners and representatives
- Providing services , supervisor, and support customer Service representatives
- providing customers about their warranty and consumer guarantees rights (support customer in both warranty and out-of-warranty)
- Monitor the mechanization of affairs and adapt them to the principles of valid certificates and obtain them.

Phone numbers:

The company (Niroo Tahvieh Alborz) shall guarantee all equipment/devices installed by company official assistant, and will remain so far a period of one (1) years from date of purchase and ten (10) years after sales services.
The buyer should make the following items before install the unit by company official assistant:
1. Carry and placing the unit for installation location
2. Electric and cabling for installation location
3. Fuel piping for installation location
4. Preparing the chimney according to the installation inspection requirements
5. Fittings and Channeling in warm air furnace (Down-Draft Unit)