The presence of Niroo Tahvieh Alborz Co in the 17th specialized exhibition of HVAC

IRAN HVAC&R provided niroo tahvieh alborz company with a great opportunity to showcase their brands and advantages in a spacious market and developed their network of Business partners in new regions.
17th IRAN HVAC&R 2018 was held on 23-26 Oct in Tehran international permanent fairground and got hundreds of industrial companies and experts together. The event was held in 30000 SQM space, exhibiting 477companies, from 19 different countries such as Italy, Germany, USA, Turkey, Taiwan, Slovakia, Canada, Malaysia, Sweden, France, UK, Japan, Denmark, UAE, India, Korea, China, etc. Niroo Tahvieh Alborz company gained the opportunity of meeting a wide range of visitors including top managers, suppliers, traders, investors, experts and end users.