ALBORZ-AHU 80 Unite Heater
ALBORZ-AHU 80 Unite Heater
ALBORZ-AHU 80 Unite Heater
ALBORZ-AHU 80 Unite Heater
The gas fan heater model AHU-80 is new and innovative company's product. AHU series is applicable for such field as household and industrial application due to new design. The existence of the chimney provide user healthy heat. The unit equipped with fan provide a distributed uniform heating in area. The maximum consumption of the unit 1.9 m3 of gas per 1 hour. The unit with thermal efficiency of 85% is ability to heating space up to 400 m3. The unit has the following models: AHU-50, AHU-80, and AHU12.
  • 85% efficiency
  • Using low-noise fan
  • Install digital thermostat
  • Provide combustion air from outdoor
  • Fully Automatic switching on and off operation
  • Flame retardant with new technology (In-Shot Burner)
  • Direct combustion gases (product) as forced through chimney or flue
  • Overheat safety shut-off to control heat exchanger temperature (Overheat safety)
  • Continuous automatic control of gas flow using European multi-block solenoid/electric valves
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  • Villa
  • Residential buildings
  • Office and business centers 
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