6 Blade Circulation Fans NTA657

6 Blade Circulation Fans NTA657
6 Blade Circulation Fans NTA657
The Circulation Fan is designed to the movement of air and uniform temperature and humidity and its ideal for industrial halls, greenhouses, mushroom production halls, Poultry Farms, and Live Stocks. This fan is installed on the ceiling and high altitude below the roof of halls. The circular fan reduces the pressure loss by improving the performance of the main ventilation system and increasing the efficiency of cooling systems (coolers) and pro-fan and heating systems such as a fan heater and jet heater. During the winter, low-density air wants to rise to the highest part of the room and accumulated ceiling below. Since temperature is generally important in lower and middle elevations, temperature sensors are installed at low altitudes, and the accumulation of hot air at high altitudes causes that circuit breaker system issue a close delay command so it can lead to an increase of fuel consumption. In the summer, according to the operating of the main ventilation system (running at full speed), the heated air accumulate the ceiling below so the ventilator interrupts and the hall atmosphere will be humid. By installing a circulation fan, hot air exhaust as quickly as possible.
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Includes engine and blade protective guard
  • The engine is directly connected to the impeller
  • Low noise along with airflow and high-efficiency
  • High durability and sturdy stainless steel body/shape
  • Air throw distance up to 20 - 40 meter (depend on different model)
  • Connecting the motor to the fan as a direct coupler without needed for pulley and belt
  • Prevent heating accumulation in a greenhouse ceiling and help to take heat accumulation out in the outdoor
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  • Poultry
  • Live Stocks
  • Greenhouses
  • Industrial halls
  • Mushroom production hall
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