HA-200 Horizontal Warm Air Furnace

HA-200 Horizontal Warm Air Furnace
HA-200 Horizontal Warm Air Furnace
The Warm Air Furnace HA-200 is a series of air Furnace that designed horizontally (cabins). This series is suitable for greenhouses due to its low height in compare with Vertical one. It’s designed in three models such as Natural Gas, Gasoline and Dual and generated as axial fan and centrifuge according to the order. The thermal capacity is 200.000 kcal/h and it provides heating space up to 2500 – 5000 m3.
The forced Air Furnace HA-200 is a heating system that through the electro fan installed next to the heat exchanger , after vacuum the cooling air from environment and passes cool air through heat exchanger , it causes heat exchanger passed through a heat surface to the environment either directly or through the channeling system. The heat exchanger brings the heat directly by the flame. The unit controls heating automatically and provide a benefit such as intelligent control and safety of fuel and oxygen in compare with past heating system. These forced Air Furnace operate with no open flame and no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning due to complete combustion.
Exhaust gas is emitted as a result of the combustion of fuels is controlled. The heat exchanger is connected to chimney through the tube in order to release of combustion gases. These units in a large model can be connected to the particular channel in order to heat transfer.
  • Order the unit in case of down-air flow
  • The best quality range of burner in Iran
  • Thermal insulation with 1" thickness of glass wool
  • 2 Axial fan with 550W electrical motors (made in Iran)
  • Electrical enclosure equipped with original electronics components
  • Proper chimney and flue design, along with proper burner's capacity
  • Testing all manufactured unit components at the end of the assembly line
  • Stainless steels heat exchanger body in terms of radiator to increase thermal efficiency
  • Double skinned (Electrostatic painting) body, which is resistance to humidity and decay
  • Install digital thermostat in order to save energy and accurate control of environment temperature
  • Refractory stainless steel boiler with proper diameter and length thickness in order to generate maximum thermal radiation with high efficiency
  • Honeywell thermostat has following specification; Operating temperature :120 Degree C , 3- stage heat , for the safety and durability of the combustion chamber
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  • Pools
  • Public
  • Schools
  • Mosques
  • Hospitals
  • Sports halls
  • Greenhouses
  • Industrial halls
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