NTA 7090 - 15cm

NTA 7090 - 15cm
NTA Evaporative Nano Cooling Pad 7090-15cm
NTA 7090 - 15cm
NTA Evaporative Nano Cooling Pad 7090-15cm
Relying on the importance of the evaporative cellulose pad used in polymer coolers and other in terms of performance and efficiency as well as product quality enhancement, Niroo Tahvieh Alborz Company has established cooling pad production line (fully automation) with a brand of NTA according to the latest international & national reputable of the standards. Evaporative cooling pads have been used in countries with hot and arid climates which includes high energy and water consumption, environmentally friendly and high-efficiency features.
  • No water Carry-Over
  • Low cost and easy installation
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Low velocity deposition process
  • High durability (long life time) due to its Self-Cleaning feature
  • Using finest quality raw material (Kraft paper made in Finland)
  • The capillary property of the cooling pad preventing dry spot formation
  • preventing transmission of Fungi and harmful bacteria through the air circulation
  • Low power consumption due to the low pressure drop in Hot and Humid Climates
  • High power water absorption in cooling pad (1 m3 of cooling pad can absorb 100 liters of water)
  • High-efficiency evaporation rather than swamp cooler pad due to large surface contact between water and air
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  • Home Evaporative Cooling (air cooler, etc.)
  • Agriculture Industry (poultry, greenhouses, Live Stocks, etc.)
  • Industry (gas turbines, textile industries and Refrigerator condensers)
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